Message from AHMA

Message from AHMA


The Australian Hindu Multicultural Association Inc. (AHMA) was established in 1993 to promote social, religious, cultural and educational activities for the benefit of the Indian community in the diverse multicultural society. We should take utmost pride in our great democratic and multicultural country where everyone has a freedom of speech as well as freedom to practise and observe their religion and culture. The onus rests on all of us to play our roles as responsible citizen and to observe the rules of our lucky country.

This year marks an important milestone for AHMA as it celebrates its 21st Anniversary in November, 2014. There is a lot that the members and patrons are to be proud of. AHMA has established itself as a very strong and a viable organisation with a strong member base not only to ensure continuity of its programmes and services but with a capacity to broaden its activities in the future. Credit goes to the initiatives and will of the founders who had a vision for the future and had taken appropriate steps to ensure community needs are met. One of our significant achievements is the establishment of our Cultural Centre and Temple at 1050 Richmond Road in Marsden Park where its cultural and religious activities including celebrations of all the Hindu festivals are undertaken. Everyone irrespective of their membership is welcome. There would be many challenges ahead and we are prepared to tackle them the best possible way. AHMA recognises the continuous efforts and diligence of all the past and present executives, members and volunteers and thanks them for their contributions and assistance.

Teaching of Language is vital for the survival of any religion or culture. AHMA commenced teaching of Hindi on a small scale at the Doonside Cottage as early as July 1994. Over the years student numbers had gradually increased. In search of better teaching facilities and teaching arrangements, venues had changed a number of times until mid 2008 when classes commenced at the current premises at the Quakers Hill High School. AHMA in association with the Parents & Teachers Association (PTA) is formally responsible for the educational activities and is continuing its educational programme under the name of AMHA School of Language, Arts and Culture. Currently, in addition to Hindi, classes are being undertaken in music (harmonium, tabla, and dholak) and dances (Bharatnatyam and Bollywood).

The AHMA School Language Arts and Culture has produced many students who have acquired necessary education and skills and are actively participating in AHMA and other community activities and are our hope of passing the knowledge and skills to the future generations. These students would be ambassadors of tomorrow and play an important role in advancement of language arts and culture.

AHMA would like to record its appreciation for all the teachers and parents for their enthusiasm and diligence in undertaking a vital work for our community. May I take this opportunity to congratulate Mr Arbin Lal, the immediate past President of the PTA, who in recognition of his (AHMA/PTA) volunteer work, received a Volunteer Award for the year 2014 from the Federal Member for Chifley.

AHMA extends its best wishes to the PTA for the success of its annual magazine, the end of the school year programme and ultimately towards furtherance of its educational programmes.

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AMAR SINGH (Secretary, AHMA)